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Turns out 80 celcius is NOT NORMAL, as the quadro 120 nvs was apparently outputing a lower performance due to this excessive heat.There is nothing ideal in this world )))) I think 0 degree is might be ideal temperature for any gpu.Unlike CPUs, average GPU temperatures range greatly since they are manufactured with different cooling solutions.

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Hi, is there any way to measure the GPU utilization on a normal Geforce card.

GPU is not normally that far away from the VRM, so this can increase the GPU temperature.

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My previous GE72 6QF would stay around ~30 degrees only, that is what bothers me.

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MSI GTS Geforce 250 , whats considered normal IDLE temp?

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What are average temperatures for a standard office-type PC without a graphics card.

A 50 degree temp for idling is ok, with load temperatures going up to 70-80 (Celsius).I have a Ge62vr, when I play AAA games in Sports Mode my GPU temp.

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For example currently with 20% cpu load (Opera, Outlook, Winamp) according to SpeedFan my temperatures are.

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Got an A8-5500, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7560D (built for Lenovo computers).Both need to be watched. Fever. How high is too high when it comes to your temperature.

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Q: cpu temp on surface pro Does anyone know what the normal operating temp of the CPU on the pro is.

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The CPU has, as KC McLaughlin said, a max temp of 100 degrees Celsius.So I was playing the other day and I became curious as to what temperatures my laptop has.Hello, i have an i5 3570, 650 ti boost, while playing far cry 3 my gpu reached 63 - 66 degree c, where as the cpu: 55 - 60 degree c, and while playing crysis 3, the gpu reached the same temperature wh.I would recommend a couple of things (It worked for me-now idle temp is 35C).

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I have a Ge62vr, when I play AAA games in Sports Mode my GPU temp reaches 90c-93c but my CPU is only 55-60c. both GPU and CPU are undervolted.

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Been using this Ref gtx670 with 1 fan only for 2 years and never had any real problem, until today i checked on the GPU while gaming n i was shocked looking at the temp red color with 81 degree celcius.

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My laptop has the same temperature (55 Celcius) also in idle.So today I was monitoring my GPU while it was idle just to check the temp of the card at that moment, only to find something unusual.

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Give me an average and good temp, and max temp for what a computer can run at.

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