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We spoke to several urologists to learn how it happens, what a broken penis looks like, and how to treat one.Penile fracture is an uncommon injury and approximately 50% of all the cases are reported in African and Middle Eastern countries.

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They are fairly rare and can co-occur with partial or complete urethral rupture, though this is rare.On rare occasion a penis fracture can be very severe and require surgery.

Is there any place you would recommend for surgery or is it too late.Penile fractures are the result of rupture of the tunica albuginea.Penile fractures occur to the erect penis as a result of blunt trauma commonly during coitus or masturbation. Frac.

The goals of treatment for penile trauma are universal: preservation of penile length, erectile function, and maintenance of the ability to void while standing.Background Penile fracture is a genitourethral emergency secondary to.

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The role of MRI to accuratelylocalize the fracture site is of.This excludes penetrating and degloving injuries or amputation of the flaccid penis.Penile fracture, penile amputation, penetrating penile injuries, and penile soft tissue injuries are considered urologic emergencies and typically require surgical intervention.This treatment has lower rates of erectile dysfunction, and penile scarring and curvature.The location and size of injuries are summarized in table 2 table 2.

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The clinical diagnosis of penile fracture was intraoperatively confirmed in all patients in the surgery group.Even in the case of delayed presentation longer than 48-72 hours after injury, repair of a penile fracture has been shown to decrease the rate of penile curvature and erectile dysfunction when compared to observation.Preoperative and postoperative use of antibiotics, and a uniform surgical plan.

The patient was seen 3 months and 6 months after surgery and had regained erectile function without appreciable plaque formation or penile curvature.Penile fracture can heal spontaneously, but can lead to impotence or curvature of the penis.The patients were divided into two groups: group 1 (G1) with low suspicion of penile.Diagnosis and Treatment of Penile Fractures: A Single Center Series Mehmet Harbiyeli1,.Manifestations are often typical and this fracture may be isolated or associated with urethral injury.The main goals of treatment are to restore or maintain your ability to have erections and preserve urinary function.In this case, the urethra acts as a channel for semen to be ejaculated into the vagina.USG (19 days post trauma) - Proximal part of penile shaft is abnormal. There is.

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Penile fracture or broken penis syndrome is the injury that directly affects the Tunica albuginea.Therefore no medical treatment has been proven effective in removing scar tissue from the penis of men suffering from diabetes.A case of penile fracture at the crura of the penis without urethral involvement: Rare entity.Cavernosography, and urethrography and intraoperative urethral catheterization are not routinely needed, as diagnosis can be made clinically.

However, most pa- tient series are small and the value of the different diagnostic tools is uncertain.MATERIALS AND METHODS: We analyzed 150 patients with clinically suspected penile fracture (PF).Broken Penis is a fracture of the penis where it affects directly the Tunica albuginea.

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Fractures are treated with emergency surgery, and can be diagnosed with ultrasound, especially in pediatric cases.

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The doctors at the ER can confirm your penile fracture through a clinical exam and also by tests like an urethrogram, an MRI scan, or a cavernosogram, which is an X-ray of the penis.Patient misinformation about penile tissue properties is the main explanation for the high incidence of penile fracture.Methods: This prospective study was carried out over a period of 1 year and included 12 patients presenting with penile fracture.